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    Strong DVB presence at Istanbul Forum

    22 Nov 2018

    Participants learned about global and local developments in digital TV.

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    DVB experts explain DTT benefits in Turkey

    12 Oct 2016

    DVB experts Stan Baaijens (Funke), Marcello Lombardo (EBU), Georg Hollmann (Kathrein) and Peter Siebert (DVB) explained the benefits of DTT for Turkey at the Broadcast Istanbul TV Forum & Fair…

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    DVB Scene Issue 43

    17 Mar 2014

    The March issue of DVB Scene is out and contains two starring appearances by TV's favorite new technologies: UHDTV and HEVC. Other topics include: Broadcast economics, GSE-Lite, CI Plus, DVB…

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    DigiTAG Workshop in Istanbul 14-15 Nov.

    29 Oct 2013

    DVB-T2 roll out continues worldwide, DigiTAG and its members are running a workshop to inform on the full roll out ‘ecosystem’ for DVB-T2. Experiences and opportunities for regulation,…

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    Turkey Deploys DVB-T2

    15 Jul 2013

    In May 2012 the Turkish natonal terrestrial license holders have established a new joint venture called Anten AS to install and manage the

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    Turkey Selects DVB-T2

    04 Oct 2012

    The authority on the digital terrestrial switchover – RTÜK (Radio and Television Supreme Council) has decided that the transition will begin in

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    Broadcasters form new transmission company to roll-out DTT

    24 Apr 2007

    A new transmission company Anten AS has been formed by members of the Television Broadcasters Association (TVYD) to build and operate the DTT

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    DTT trial in Turkey begins

    07 Feb 2006

    Trial DTT broadcasts began in Ankara and Istanbul on February 3rd, 2006. The single DTT multiplex offers four television programme services and is

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