Why join?

DVB is a consortium of the world’s leading digital media and technology companies committed to designing open and interoperable technical standards for digital TV delivery, interactivity and more.

As a DVB Member you can...

  • ...contribute to and influence the development of new DVB technical specifications, with the right to stand for Steering Board election.
  • ...gain an early view of specifications in development through DVB meetings, documents and email lists.
  • ...have FREE unlimited access to all DVB working group meetings, documents and email lists for ALL your employees.
  • ...gain access to leading international industry experts through DVB meetings and events.
  • ...promote your products and services by collaborating on DVB technology demos at key exhibitions and conferences.
  • ...benefit from privileged access to new markets through DVB workshops.
  • ...gain additional exposure for your company by contributing to DVB events and publications.
  • ...take advantage of preferential rates to attend and exhibit at the annual DVB World conference.
  • ...become part of the DVB community, the most successful organization of its kind!

Membership Fees

Joining the DVB Project involves signing the Memorandum of Understanding and payment of an initial annual membership fee of EUR 2,000 (covering the period to the end of the current calendar year). All new members must also be approved by the DVB Steering Board. Thereafter there is an annual membership fee of EUR 8,000. More information here.

DVB members are expected to contribute actively to the work of the modules and their sub-groups, so it will be necessary to resource your membership of the DVB Project by assigning employees to follow and contribute to the work of the groups that are relevant to your business.

Member companies should fall into one of the following four constituencies:

  • Content providers, broadcasters
  • Infrastructure providers, network operators
  • Manufacturers, software suppliers
  • Governments, national regulatory bodies

For more information about joining the DVB Project, contact Eva Markvoort. (markvoort@dvb.org)