Why Join?

Join the Global Community of Digital Experts.

Membership of the DVB Project is open to all organisations involved in digital broadcasting and offers involvement in the development of the DVB specifications.

The key advantages of becoming a DVB member are to:

  • Co-develop future specifications through technical proposals, IPR, Steering Board, etc.;
  • Gain early view of draft specifications through DVB meetings, documents, email lists;
  • Network with other DVB members and industry partners at DVB meetings and events;
  • Promote DVB standards through workshops, seminars, conferences, trade shows;
  • Promote your company and DVB products through DVB events, meetings and publications;
  • ...and to be part of the most successful organisation of its kind! 

Practical Benefits

From a practical point of view, employees of member companies gain the following benefits:

  • Access to DVB documents, meeting reports, draft specifications, etc.
  • The right to submit documents for consideration by modules and sub-groups
  • The right to join, follow and contribute to the DVB email reflectors
  • The right to attend module and sub-group meetings and conference calls
  • Take part in the DVB specification process, with the right to stand for Steering Board election.

In addition to the above benefits, DVB members will also be invited from time to time to contribute to the promotion of key DVB standards, whether through trade show booths, conferences or seminars. These opportunities can increase market awareness of your company and bring you to the forefront of your respective area of expertise.


Joining the DVB Project involves signing the Memorandum of Understanding and payment of an initial annual membership fee of €6’000. All new members must also be approved by the DVB Steering Board. Thereafter there is an annual membership fee of €8’000.

DVB members are expected to contribute actively to the work of the modules and their sub-groups, so it will be necessary to resource your membership of the DVB Project by assigning employees to follow and contribute to the work of the groups that are relevant to your business.

Member companies should fall into one of the following four constituencies:

  • Content providers, broadcasters
  • Infrastructure providers, network operators
  • Manufacturers, software suppliers
  • Governments, national regulatory bodies

For more information about joining the DVB Project, contact Eva Markvoort. (markvoort@dvb.org)