Shenzhen National Engineering Laboratory of Digital TV

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With a total investment of more than 100 million yuan, Shenzhen National Engineering Laboratory of Digital Television Co.,Ltd. was co-founded by some 10 enterprises and public institutions including Media Group, Konka, Skyworth, an effort spearheaded by Shenzhen StateMicro Holdings Co., Ltd. and orchestrated by the National Development and Reform Commission and its Shenzhen sub-office. Delving into the terminal technology for digital TV , the Laboratory will evolve into a national technological innovation institution in the realm of Chinese digital TV, a leading center in China for the enactment of digital TV standards, product testing and technology development.
The Company’s businesses include: research, development and promotion of digital TV-related standards and technologies, research, development, production and sale of products relating to digital TV, training, consultation, testing, certification services concerning digital TV, contracting and/or representing in digital TV-related engineering projects, organization and execution of conferences, exhibitions on digital TV, investing and operating in fields relating to digital TV, intellectual property management. 

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