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NEOTION is a French high‐tech company providing innovative solutions for the international Digital Television market since 2000.

NEOTION develops and distributes a wide range of DVB Conditional Access Modules (CAM) embedding the main Conditional Access Systems (CAS) to Pay-TV Operators across the globe. NEOTION is still investing on Secure Devices for Pay-Tv industry adding new and innovative solutions according to the booming OTT adoption on the market during these last few years. NEOTION is offering first on it core-business the HbbTV CAM as the suitable single secure device in a connected environment, headless OTT gateways for satellite fully based infrastructures and recently smart home solutions, all as part of the OTT growing services.

NEOTION is largely involved as an active member of several Standardization and Digital TV committees, namely DVB, HBB TV and CI Plus LLP and more recently in ZigBee Alliance.

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DVB Constituency: Manufacturer

DVB Member Since: 2004