Apply for Membership

How can your organization become a member of the DVB Project?

To become member of the DVB Project, your organization is required sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Individual amendments to the MoU are not taken into consideration.

To qualify for Membership, your activities should be within one of the four categories of DVB Membership:

  • Content Providers/Broadcasters (public and private)
  • Infrastructure Providers (satellite, cable, terrestrial or network operators)
  • Manufacturers/Software Suppliers
  • Governments/National Regulatory Bodies

Academic institutions are also welcome to apply for membership.

To apply for Membership, send an application request presenting your organization and its field of activities to Eva Markvoort at the DVB Project Office.

DVB Project Office 

Eva Markvoort
17a Ancienne Route
CH-1218 Grand Sacconnex

Fee Structure

The DVB Project Office will acknowledge your application and the DVB Steering Board will decide if your organization qualifies for membership. If this is the case, you will receive the necessary documentation to be signed and an invoice covering the initial membership fee. Upon receipt of the fee payment and signed documentation, your membership will be confirmed.

The initial membership fee is EUR 2,000 and covers membership until 31 December of the current calendar year.

In subsequent years you will be invoiced the Regular Membership Fee, which is currently set at EUR 8,000. The fee is set annually by the Steering Board and approved by the General Assembly.