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Since 1957 Funke Digital TV has been a pioneer in its field of developing innovative antenna solutions with a wide spread of products suitable all over the world. > Funke Digital TV understands the importance of being a strategic partner by developing, producing and marketing especially DVB product solutions. Funke Digital TV is the leading player in developing customer-focused, profitable, state-of-the-art product solutions. >  > However, Funke also acts as the best consultant and advisor on the market. Funke believes that the best results are achieved through positive and reliable cooperation. > Today core products of Funke are active antennas and accessories for the reception of digital TV for different types of networks. The Funke customers among others are digital broadcasters, well known suppliers of consumer electronic products and the retail chain. Especially in the retail chain the need for quality and value for money antennas  for reception of the digital terrestrial signal is more and more required.

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