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Cloud Vision Networks Technology Co., Ltd.(CVN), founded in February 2012, is a national high-tech company, specializing in R&D, manufacture, sales, marketing and services support of cable network two-way transformation and digital TV related products in China’s TV broadcasting industry. We consist of more than 200 employees, 90% of which possess bachelor degree or master degree, and 3% own PhD. Depending on its core competitiveness, technological innovation, CVN will contribute to China’s TV broadcasting industry.

As one of CVN’s core products, CVN’s conditional access (CA) system secures premium digital contents and services for TV network operators and prevents unauthorized access to their networks. DCAS system launched by CVN is a highly secured CA system suitable for the current NGB network requirements, which using the advanced technology and meeting SARFT’s latest standard of downloadable CA. CVN DCAS adopt the latest encryption system, and ensure that different DCAS client software can be independent and safely execute in the open terminal environments, and fully meet the business development needs of triple network convergence.

CVN is one of the leading cable TV two-way network transformation solution providers in China. We focus on customer needs; adhere to the continuous technological innovation to create value for clients.

CVN has the industry's most comprehensive EPON+EOC product line and total solutions, including high frequency series (WOC/BIOC) .and low frequency series (HomePlug AV) EOC solutions and professional technical service. CVN offers customized solutions to meet different customer requirements.

Company Vision:

Cloud:   Cloud technology development and application

Vision:  Video terminal interconnection

Networks:Home network wireless seamless

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