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Cellnex Telecom is one of the leading independent infrastructure operators for wireless broadcasting telecommunication in Europe.

It offers a site-leasing service for telecommunications operators – mobile telephone operators-, and provides highly advanced audiovisual services to broadcasters at local, regional and national level.

It also develops solutions in the field of “smart city” projects that optimize services to the citizen via networks and services that facilitate municipal management. In this area, Cellnex Telecom is deploying a network of intelligent communications that permits a connection between objects, and therefore the development of a solid ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT) in Spain.

Cellnex Telecom also plays a relevant role in the deployment of safety and emergency networks for the security forces, known as PPDRs (Public Protection And Disaster Relief). This line of activity summarizes both the degree of expertise the company’s team of professionals and the ruggedness and reliability of the architecture of its networks and equipment.

Cellnex Telecom is firmly committed to the development of its network, that currently numbers almost 15,000 sites, through the acquisition of mobile telephony towers and the purchase of the Italian company TowerCo, positioning the company in the development of new-generation networks.

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Website: www.cellnextelecom.com

DVB Constituency: Network Operator

DVB Member Since: 1993