What is DVB?

The Digital Video Broadcasting Project is an industry-led consortium of over 200 broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators, software developers and regulators from around the world committed to designing open technical standards for the delivery of digital television.

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DVB Worldwide

DVB Worldwide

Services using DVB standards are available on every continent with nearly 1 billion DVB receivers deployed.

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Why Join DVB

  1. Contribute
    • to the development of future specifications and gain early view of specifications in development through DVB meetings, documents, email reflectors;
  2. Network
    • with other DVB members and industry partners at meetings and events
  3. Promote
    • DVB standards through joint workshops, seminars, conferences and trade show
    • Increase the awareness of your company and DVB products through DVB events and meetings
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  • Dolby Labs
  • Spinner
  • TF1
  • Televes
  • FreeTV Australia