Promotion & Communications Module

DVB's Promotion and Communications Module (PCM) is responsible for the external relations of the DVB Project as well as some aspects of internal communications.

When the DVB Project was established many members recognised that it wasn't sufficient to simply develop standards, but that there was a requirement to provide information on them to the 'outside world'. As DVB has grown in popularity, this outside world is getting bigger which means that the correct explanation of the techniques used in DVB standards and their potential applications continues to be an important function.

The PCM's mandate is enshrined in the DVB Memorandum of Understanding, and it is responsible for the following:

  • Trade shows
  • Conferences, including DVB World held annually in March
  • DVB websites
  • Press Releases

Chair: Helmut Stein (ISDM)

Vice-Chair: Stan Baaijens (Funke Digital TV)

Helmut Stein

PCM Chairman


Helmut Stein


ISDM International Strategies for Digital Media