TM Wideband Study Mission Group (Inactive)

The TM-WiB Study Mission Group's main task is to evaluate a possible future Wideband reuse-1 system, based on what is described in the IBC 2016 Conference Paper "WiB – A New System Concept for DTT".

This evaluation will include the technical potential, the technical consequences and feasibility issues of the system, any potential obstacles to sharing the same spectrum for both broadcast and mobile communications, and finally any technical challenges for higher layers, such as SI carriage or stat-muxing.

The study mission group should present a report to the October 2017 TM meeting and will end in January 2018.

The full Terms of Reference can be found in the PDF below.

The Study Mission report was made publicly available in September 2018. See PDF below.

Chris Nokes

TM-WIB Chairman


Chris Nokes