TM-T2 (Inactive)

Following a T2 Study Mission which reported to the joint TM/CM meeting in June 2006, this group aims to define the physical layer for the next generation of terrestrial DVB.  The intention is to specify a system which improves on the performance of the current DVB-T standard according to requirements specified by the CM-AMT (Advanced Modulation for Terrestrial DTV) group.

The specific goals are:

  • To develop methodologies for comparing likely candidate technologies for DVB-T2, and perform initial studies.
  • Once indicative commercial requirements have been drafted, issue a Call for Technologies in the areas of modulation, channel coding and signal pre-conditioning
  • To take into account the requirements of higher layers (e.g. MAC layer and application layers) in the definition of the radio interface.
  • To assess and select candidate technologies according to the commercial requirements and timescales to design a system suitable for terrestrial broadcasting
  • To draft a candidate specification(s) (based on final commercial requirements) to be taken to the DVB-TM
  • To steer and assist in the verification of the specification(s) (e.g. by testing equipment interoperability)
  • To maintain the specification(s) as required.
Frank Herrmann

TM-T2 Chairman


Frank Herrmann


Panasonic AVC Langen Development Centre