TM-SSP (Inactive)

The Ad-Hoc Group TM-SSP (standing for Satellite Services to Portable devices) was formed in June 2006 by TM66 and SB51. Its task is to develop market-driven standards specifying architectural and technological options for hybrid satellite/terrestrial systems offering multimedia services to mobile (handheld & vehicle-mounted) devices and gap-fillers. It is envisioned that the first major specification to emerge from this group will be DVB-SH (Satellite services to Handheld).

The TM-SSP group leverages the technical elements provided by the industry at the outcome of the TM-SSP Study Mission, but not excluding elements which will be provided in the course of the development. TM-SSP will leverage on the DVB-S2 AHG parallel work regarding modifications of the DVB-S2 standard that will be beneficial to the satellite component of the DVB-SH standard.

Selection of technical elements will take into account the particular nature of the satellite and terrestrial gap-fillers, while relying as much as possible on the already very rich family of existing DVB standards.