The TM-IPI group is responsible for the development of technical specifications for the delivery and discovery of DVB services over IP networks.

Active Task Forces (TF) of TM-IPI focus on the following work: 

  • DASH TF on defining a profile of DASH for DVB services; the current focus is on achieving Low-Latency 
  • mABR TF on a specification for the delivery of DVB services over IP multicast
  • DITS TF on a specification for the consumption of DVB services over the internet
  • TA TF on developing a technical solution for targeted advertising

The group was initially set up in 2000 to address requirements for fixed managed IP networks and developed a comprehensive set of specifications for IPTV services.


The group is co-chaired by

  • Paul Higgs (DVB)
  • Matt Poole (ITV)
Matt Poole

TM-IPI Chairman


Matt Poole