TM-HEAD (Inactive)

The DVB TM Ad Hoc Group on Head-end Systems was formed in January 2001 under the name TM-SimExt, and then renamed to TM-Head in November 2003. The scope of the TM-Head group covers:

  • the architecture of DVB head-end systems
  • the definition of the roles of components within these systems
  • the specification of interfaces between these components, and
  • the specification of interfaces to systems outside the head-end.

The primary outputs from this group include the Head-End Implement of DVB SimulCrypt (TS 103 197) and the associated Implementation Guidelines of the DVB SimulCrypt Standard (TR 102 035). In late 2006 the group updated TS 103 197 to revision 1.5.1 in order to provide support for the three new scrambling algorithms defined for IP Datacast services.

The group is currently in sleep mode.