TM-GEM (Inactive)

The primary mission of the TM-GEM group is to create and maintain the GEM specification, the Globally Executable Multimedia home platform for interactive services.

GEM provides a "common core" of APIs and semantic guarantees for a Java-based platform for interactivity connected with television. GEM has been adopted in the Blu-Ray optical disc format, OCAP and ACAP in the US, ARIB B.23 for Japanese terrestrial TV, Korean GEM-IPTV and the Open IPTV forum. GEM is the primary middleware specification of the DVB and defines profiles for broadcast, broadband, packaged media and hybrid platforms. The Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) is the GEM-compliant terminal specification for DVB services.

GEM's evolution continues to address new use cases and target markets such as companion screen services.

Michael Lagally

TM-GEM Chairman


Michael Lagally


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