The group has two main working areas:

  • Metadata
    Definition of all information pertaining to the location, identification and characterisation of DVB services and programme events. The group also specifies mechanisms and protocols for the conveying of such information.

  • Generic Data Broadcast
    Definition of mechanisms and protocols for the broadcast of non-audiovisual content for both streaming and non-streaming modes. This includes the case of tunnelling for other protocols (e.g. IP).

The group has been active since the beginning of the DVB Project. It has produced some of the core specifications of today's DVB system (e.g. Service Information, Data Broadcast, Software Update). As the group's working areas are at the foundation of the system, the end of its activities is not foreseen.

Should you have any further questions or comments, please contact the Chairman.

Alexander Adolf

TM-GBS Chairman


Alexander Adolf