TM-CPT (Inactive)

The Content Protection Technologies (CPT) sub-group was tasked in September 2010 to develop a specification for DVB IPTV scrambling algorithms, based on the Commercial requirements produced by the CM IPTV group and ratified by the Steering Board.

The DVB IPTV scrambling algorithms specification is expected to include one or two Hardware Friendly (and software unfriendly) algorithms and one Software friendly algorithm. The specification will cover TS containers.

Until 2010, the sub-group (named the Copy Protection Technologies) was tasked to develop a specification for the DVB Content Protection & Copy Management (CPCM). This work was achieved in September 2010 with the publication of 9 normative specifications and 5 informative ones published by ETSI as TS 102 825-1 to TS 102 825-14 and can be downloaded here.

The CPCM system aims at providing interoperable, end-to-end copy protection in a consumer Home Network environment, regardless of network topography, whilst being able to interface, where possible, with existing proprietary copy protection systems.