TM-CIT (Inactive)

The Second Generation Common Interface technical group was resurrected by the 67th Technical Module meeting (Geneva, 27-28/09/06). The group will commence work on technical studies which could lead to an update of the DVB's Common Interface standard (EN 50221 (CENELEC), TS 101 699 (ETSI)) and guidelines (R 206 001 (CENELEC)).

The original Common Interface Technical Aspects group was started at the beginning of 1998. It was tasked with enlarging the then existing Common Interface standard EN 50221 to allow for additional features like satellite side-car, assistance for handicapped people, software download, and the like. These requests came mainly from the UK Digital Terrestrial market.

The group delivered a proposal (DVB A053) that became ETSI TS 101 699 in November 1999.