TM-CBMS (Inactive)

The TM-CBMS (Convergence of Broadcast and Mobile Services) working group was formed in March 2001 (under the name UMTS) to draw up technical specifications and guidelines for applications and services that utilise 'co-operation' between broadcast and mobile telecommunications platforms.

In 2003 the group produced early specifications of the interface to the terminal in order to enable early trial deployments. In 2004, a set of detailed technical requirements were generated for an "IPDC in DVB-H" system. These requirements are the basis of the fundamental specification work for IPDC systems. The system specifications intend to focus on functionality, enabling delivery of IP-based services to small, personal, mobile handheld and portable terminals like cellular phones and PDA.

Based on these requirements, the group released, at the end of 2005, the first version of the IPDC system specifications for DVB-H.

Since then, the group has been working on enhancing this set of IPDC specifications. In collaboration with the TM-SSP group, TM-CBMS has also been defining the use of the IPDC specifications with DVB-SH.

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