CM Virtual Reality (Inactive)

Following the publication of the DVB Virtual Reality Study Mission Report (summary available here) led by David Wood, an official CM-VR group has been created and will start its work on drafting commercial requirements for a DVB VR system.

In line with the conclusion of the Study Mission, a first phase will mostly focus on VR/360 contents delivered to « untethered devices » i.e those which can fully implement a VR/360 playback.

Ludovic Noblet (b-com) will be the convener of the CM-VR group and a chairman will be appointed at the first meeting.

A new DVB-VR Study Mission Group (DVB CM-VR-SMG) chaired by David Wood will continue to investigate the options for a VR solution with 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF).

Ludovic Noblet

CM-VR Chairman


Ludovic Noblet