CM Targeted Advertising Study Mission (Inactive)

The overall advertising market is shifting rapidly towards digital, programmatic and addressable models. Advertising is an essential source of revenues for the TV ecosystem, therefore TV advertising will be a part of this shift towards new delivery models. As initial solutions for addressable TV advertising are being introduced, it is noted that the underlying technologies are predominantly proprietary. This creates a risk of technology fragmentation and could act in an adverse ways for the existing TV ecosystem.

The DVB Commercial Module (CM) has decided to establish a study mission to investigate whether a DVB standard in this area would be feasible and beneficial to the market and its development. If there is a role for a DVB standard, the study mission will be followed by the creation of a dedicated CM group tasked to prepare the commercial requirements for such a standard.

Study Mission Report

In November 2017, the DVB Steering Board decided to make the report of the Study Mission on Targeted Advertising publicly available. It can be downloaded under Background Documents below.



Thierry Fautier (Harmonic)

Vincent Grivet (TDF)