CM Targeted Advertising

The overall advertising market is shifting rapidly towards digital, programmatic and addressable models. Advertising is an essential source of revenues for the TV ecosystem, therefore TV advertising will be a part of this shift towards new delivery models. As initial solutions for addressable TV advertising are being introduced, it is noted that the underlying technologies are predominantly proprietary. This creates a risk of technology fragmentation and could act in an adverse ways for the existing TV ecosystem.

The DVB Commercial Module (CM) has decided to establish a dedicated CM group tasked to prepare the commercial requirements for a Targeted Advertising specification. This CR work was finalized and approved in 2018 and the work is now focused on the technical side; this involves the HbbTV Association, through a liaison, in charge of specifying the new requirements for the HbbTV terminal, and two TM subgroup, namely the TM-GBS, in charge of specifying the signalization of the ad placement opportunities toward the terminals, and the TM-IPI in charge of defining guidelines for the dialogue between the terminals and the ad servers/broadcaster in the three different scenarios considered. 

Angelo Pettazzi

CM-TA Chairman


Angelo Pettazzi


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