CM-GEM (Inactive)

GEM – Globally Executable MHP – is the DVB middleware, an open middleware specification which enables the deployment of interactive application over broadcast and broadband network as well as on packaged media. GEM defines an abstractions of concepts common to various TV systems and for disc based content, as in Blu-ray discs. This common core is a set of functional requirements which is available in all GEM terminals; this set is extended with APIs targeting specific market needs (i.e. “Broadcast”, “OTT”, “IPTV” and “Packaged media” targets).

CM-GEM addresses the evolution and the market needs of the GEM interactive and interoperable applications on a global basis. The group creates commercial requirements for the DVB's middleware specifications to address new requirements from markets that adopted GEM, including MHP, Blu-ray, tru2way, ARIB, ACAP and others.

DVB-GEM standards

Angelo Pettazzi

CM-GEM Chairman


Angelo Pettazzi


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