Commercial Module

The Commercial Module is the key distinguishing organisational element of the DVB Project. CM is where the commercial issues around a DVB work item are discussed, with the consensus embodied in a set of "Commercial Requirements" governing each and every DVB specification.

DVB's success is underpinned by a market-led approach driven by the CM. This ensures that technical work is completed to a set of functional requirements, cost targets and deadlines.

The group first produces commercial requirements, and then validates each technical specification against these commercial requirements before passing it for final approval to the DVB's executive board - the Steering Board.

DVB Workplan


To speed up the DVB process and to create even more market-orientated and timely solutions, the CM will have more control of DVB's deliverables and timelines for the creation of the various DVB specifications. The resulting DVB Workplan is available on this page.

Graham Mills

CM Chairman


Graham Mills


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