DVB Webinars are designed to inform the wider community about significant new or revised DVB specifications. On this page you can find links to past webinars. For upcoming webinars please check our event calendar.

Next webinar

DVB-DASH (13 June 2018)

Our next webinar will cover the DVB-DASH specification for delivery of TV content via HTTP adaptive streaming (a profile of MPEG DASH). More information here.

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Subtitling Systems (January 2018)

The DVB specification for TTML-based subtitling systems, approved in July 2017, has now been complemented by a revision of the existing specification for bitmap subtitles, creating a comprehensive suite of subtitling specifications from DVB. This webinar provides an overview of both specifications.

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Smart TV Security (May 2017)

In response to the risk of smart televisions being manipulated via the broadband interface – via so-called man-in-the-middle attacks – TS 102 809 enables broadcasters to add authentication information to the signalling of their interactive services.  The television receiver learns the legitimate transmission on each channel and will then identify and reject any subsequent tampering. This provides an extra layer of defence for TV sets and their owners in addition to manufacturers' activities to improve their product's security.

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UHD in TS 101 154 (January 2017)

DVB updated its audio-visual coding specification, TS 101 154, adding support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), High Frame Rates (HFR) and Next Generation Audio (NGA). 

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