DVB Jobs

We're hiring a Web Developer / Project Manager.

We're looking for someone who has a passion for software development coupled with a proven track record in project management and is a team player with excellent communication skills. 

The successful candidate will build DVB's new online services platform, bringing together a new public website and member portal incorporating various tools (document repository, mailing lists, user database, Bugzilla, etc.) used by DVB’s working groups. The website through which DVB logos and identifiers are licensed (www.dvbservices.com) will also be integrated on the new platform.

Based on an existing high-level draft specification, our new team member will design the platform architecture and undertake the software development and testing, defining migration scenarios and overseeing the successful roll-out of our new platforms. She or he will be responsible for final project delivery in a timely manner ensuring acceptance with DVB Project Office colleagues and key stakeholders in the DVB membership.

This is a full-time role, with a fixed term contract of 12 months. If you believe you would be a good fit, please send your application to Ms. Eva Markvoort (markvoort@dvb.org).

Deadline extended: 30 SEPTEMBER 2018.

(But make sure you read the information below before submitting your application!)

Where is the job based?

The DVB Project Office is based in the headquarters of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) in Geneva. It provides logistical, promotional, administrative and financial support to the DVB Project on behalf of  the organization's Members. Some of the activities are run through a subsidiary, DVB Services (a 100% DVB-owned limited liability company under Swiss law), which is fully managed by the DVB Project Office.

What is the DVB Project?

DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) is an industry-led consortium of the world’s leading digital TV and technology companies committed to designing open technical standards for the delivery of digital TV and other broadcast services. DVB is a Swiss not-for-profit organization with over 160 members worldwide.

Are you hiring a web developer? Or a project manager?

We're seeking someone who can do both! Our ideal candidate is probably a talented developer who also has experience with managing projects; or perhaps an experienced project manager who has moved into software development. We're hoping to find the right candidate to fit into our small team and take the lead on this challenging project. 

Why not engage a web development agency?

We believe that – IF we find the right candidate – we will be best placed to move forward quickly and efficiently with this project having somebody in-house. Relying on a small, but experienced project steering group and using widely deployed open platforms and protocols as much as possible, we think we can better serve the needs of this particular project than with an external agency. 

What specific tasks will the successful candidate be asked to undertake?

The core list of tasks, which may evolve over the course of the contract, is as follows:

  • Gain an understanding of DVB’s existing online services, including functionality and limitations.
  • Contact stakeholders to get a full understanding of the desired functionality
  • Outline a project plan, stating the goal, technical limitations, deliverables, milestones, timelines.
  • Develop software components, ensure quality improvement and ensure software stack security.
  • Define and proceed with functional testing & technical analysis
  • Coordinate with stakeholders throughout the project
  • Define migration scenarios, secure data content profiles.
  • Sets-up a proposition for maintenance & support plan

Other aspects of the role may include supervising external suppliers as required to provide services and solutions to support Project activities; participating in relevant meetings as DVB's websites manager; and providing technical support for the existing platforms as required until new platforms are in place.

What specific qualifications and/or experience are required?

Aside from being proficient in English, potential candidates should be able to tick all of the following boxes:

  • Minimum 3 years in Software Development, ability to design new components and architecture 
  • One or more operational web platforms developed and delivered
  • Minimum 1 year as a project manager on ICT projects
  • Deep understanding of web protocols
  • Strong knowledge of Python and Python Frameworks
  • Strong knowledge of Javascript and popular frameworks
  • Experience with WordPress and databases

Anything else?

The successful candidate is likely to have a strong interest in media technology. He or she will certainly be a flexible self-starter who is comfortable taking the lead and proposing solutions; the role involves full project "ownership" and with A to Z responsibility. 

We're seeking a genuine team player. There are just 3-4 people working in the DVB Project Office. Excellent communications skills are a must, as this project will involve interaction with many different stakeholders among the DVB membership.


LAMP, LDAP, single sign-on, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Java, Python, WordPress, GitLab, GitHub, Tuleap, mailman, Bugzilla, GitBucket, WebEx, Jitsi.